Martial Arts Reforged is a community based academy that uses physical training to instill leadership skills like self-discipline, perseverance, grit, humility, and respect.

We use gymnastics, rock climbing, martial arts, our leadership academy, workshops, and even dodgeball to create a FUN atmosphere for learning! We are working jointly with city officials and schools to help the kids in our community. 

With schools facing budgetary constraints, we provide a positive environment where kids can build the social and personal skills needed for success.  We have structured programs specifically designed to recover the social and personal skills needed for success in life.  Our goals align with the unique needs of kids raised in a digital society.  We provide an atmosphere of experiential learning that promotes critical leadership and social skills. Contact us for a personal tour of the facility and see for yourself how much we believe in enriching the lives of kids.

For more information about what we do, call 303.506.0211 or email