Self Defense

Protect Yourself

These shocking facts show that violent crimes can affect anyone at anytime, regardless of where they live or work. These crimes include assault, domestic violence, robbery, car jacking, rape and murder.

Based on these statistics it’s possible that at some point in your life you might be a victim of a violent crime.

The criminal’s primary strategy is to use the advantage of surprise . Criminals mainly choose targets which appear to be unaware of their surroundings. So, please be prepared before something  happens……


12pm - 2pm July 29th 2017
     ages 12 and up


Crime statistics state that:

  • A woman is raped every 46 seconds in America… that’s 78 rapes each hour!
  • Every day, four women are killed by their abusive partners
  • 25% of girls and 17% of boys will be sexually assaulted by the time they are 18 years old
  • 14% of all Americans women acknowledge having been violently abused by a husband or boyfriend
  • 28% of all homicides of women are domestic violence related
  • 25% of rapes take place in a public area or parking garage



If you do not do something NOW, please be honest, what will you do and when are you going to do it…? Start to protect yourself and your loved ones now!