Leadership Academy

Our leadership academy is designed to create a deeper commitment to self-improvement.  We encourage a sober minded approach to life.  Maturity, responsibility, and introspection are encouraged in all our LA students.  Our core values of vision, leadership, confidence, and grit are structured into a curriculum that includes physical advancement, community service, self-sacrifice, and respect for authority.  Each LA student is required to complete a challenging regimen, designed specifically to build their character and commitment to service and sacrifice.  

In short, we’ve designed the leadership academy to take students to the next level in their lives and broaden their perspective.  We want them to understand life as it really is.  We want to give them the “missing pieces” in their view of life and reveal their personal potential.  Then, we will challenge them to achieve whatever they desire, instilling the personal skills needed to overcome challenges and achieve more than they believed they could.  

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